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    Horticulture Guy


    Category: People

    Peter Punzi, known in Tacoma from newspaper and cable TV, offers a biography, weblog, and questions and answers section, and describes his coaching services.

    Guy Fawkes


    Category: History

    Britannia's article about the life and times of Guy Fawkes by David Herber.

    Premier Horticulture


    Category: Soils and Media

    Produces Canadian sphagnum peat moss based growing media, planting mixes and soils. Product and contact details.

    Aspac Floral Foam Company Ltd


    Category: Specialty Manufacturers

    Hong Kong – Phenolic floral foam and polyurethane for the florist and horticulture industry. Wet and dry foam blocks for flower arrangements and growing mediums for propagation. Also foam for orthopaedic use and custom manufacturing.



    Category: Specialty Services

    Performs key employee searches for the ornamental horticulture industry and allied trades. Performs searches on a retained basis only.

    Fiber Morphology and New Crops


    Category: Articles and Studies

    From the Purdue University's Horticulture department. Scientific study of wood fiber characteristics. References, tables and diagrams.