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    Affirming Humanism


    Category: Writings

    What is humanism and what is it all about? How does it compare to religion? Some ideas from the Guide to Agnosticism and Atheism.

    Humanism's Political and Religious Beliefs


    Category: Humanism

    Humanism is an ideological, political and religious belief that denies the existence of God.

    SL Humanism Art Discussion


    Category: Arts

    Transcript of excerpts from the SL Humanism group’s discussion “Humanism & Art: Does Art Convey Knowledge?” during visits to various art installations and galleries in the virtual online world Second Life.

    Teaching Christian Humanism


    Category: Christian Humanism

    A proposal to teach Christian humanism as a tradition within Christianity.

    Religious Humanism


    Category: Religious Humanism

    An article by Mason Olds describing Religious Humanism.



    Category: Renaissance Humanism

    History of Humanism as it evolved during the Renaissance.