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    Microbiology and Molecular Genetics Department


    Category: College of Medicine

    Offers two undergraduate majors, one in Microbiology and one in Molecular Genetics, has a Ph.D. Program in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, and is responsible for educating medical students in pathogenic microbiology and research strengths ranging from very basic molecular, structural, and computational biology to cellular, pathogenic, and environmental microbiology. Includes programme information, research and facilities details, publications, faculty and contact information.

    Computational Chemistry List


    Category: Computational

    A resource for computational chemists. Discussions on chemistry software, data, conferences, jobs, quantum chemistry, molecular mechanics, molecular dynamics, QSAR, molecular graphics, molecular modeling, and associated archives

    Cell Biology


    Category: Departments

    Offers graduate and medical students comprehensive training in neurobiology, developmental biology, infectious disease biology, molecular biology of nucleic acids, immunology, glycobiology, molecular biology and molecular medicine.

    Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution


    Category: North America

    Is an international society that exists to provide facilities for association and communication among molecular evolutionists, and has as one of its primary goals increasing communication between the fields of evolution and molecular biology. Center for Evolutionary Functional Genomics

    Molecular Pharmacology


    Category: Journals

    Publishes original applications of biochemistry, biophysics, genetics, and molecular biology juxtaposed with innovative pharmacologic research to elucidate basic problems in pharmacology and toxicology, including areas such as molecular mechanisms involved in drug receptor-effective coupling, xenobiotic metabolism, and antibiotic and anticancer drug action. Fulltext for free after one year

    Molecular Ecology


    Category: Molecular Ecology

    Information from Wikipedia on this field of evolutionary biology that is concerned with applying molecular population genetics, molecular phylogenetics and genomics to traditional ecological questions.