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    How Gas Turbine Engines Work


    Category: Gas Turbine

    Explains the basics of jet gas turbine engines. Includes background information, images and useful animations. [HowStuffWorks]

    MESA Specialty Gas & Equipment


    Category: Specialty

    Global supplier of specialty gases, calibration gas, rare gases, hydrocarbon gas standards for instrument calibration. Additional products include specialty gas regulators and specialty gas equipment. Santa Ana, California.

    Turbine Car User


    Category: History

    The Chrysler Turbine Car program of the 1960s.

    International Gas Turbine Institute


    Category: Devices

    Dedicated to the exchange and development of information to improve the design, manufacture, operation and application of all types of gas turbines and related equipment.

    Airox Nigen Equipments Pvt. Ltd.


    Category: Tools and Equipment

    Supplies gas generators, ammonia cracking units, compressed air and gas drying systems, gas purification units, gas analyzers and detection systems. India.

    Wikipedia - Hydraulic Fracturing


    Category: Shale Oil and Fracking

    Crowd-sourced encyclopedia article about using fracking to release petroleum and natural gas, including shale gas, tight gas, and coal seam gas. Includes history, methods, economic and environmental impacts, and the public debate.