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    Josephite Fathers and Brothers


    Category: Josephites

    The Josephite Fathers and Brothers are an Order of Roman Catholic Priests and Brothers serving the African American community in the United States.

    Internet Brothers: Future Shock


    Category: Future

    About high technology change and expectations. Marvel at future communications and lament the electronic dinosaurs.

    Nuclear-Free Future Award


    Category: Organizations

    Based in Munich, the Nuclear-Free Future Award gives out three money prizes annually to aid those people or organizations working to make the world's future nuclear-free.

    Christian Brothers University


    Category: Christian Brothers University

    A private Catholic institution of higher education in the tradition of the Christian Brothers.

    Vocationist Fathers Home Page


    Category: Men's Orders

    The Vocationist Fathers and Brothers are a Catholic Religious Congregation that strive to foster vocations to the Priesthood and Religious Life, especially among the poor. Its main ministry is to identify and guide those who believe they are called to serve God as a Priests or Brothers.

    Presentation Brothers


    Category: Irish Christian Brothers

    We, Presentation Brothers, faithful to the spirit and charism of our Founder, Edmund Ignatius Rice, trusting to God's providence and relying on the protection of Our Lady, declare our mission to be Christian formation, primarily of youth and in particular of the poor and disadvantaged. We desire to unite with people of good will to transform the world by fidelity to Gospel values and by a serious commitment to the ministry of justice and peace.