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    Internet Education Foundation (IEF)


    Category: Child Safety

    501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to a strong Internet to promote communications, commerce and democracy. IEF believes that everyone is an Internet stakeholder.

    Softslate Java/JSP E-Commerce Shopping Cart Solution


    Category: Java

    SoftSlate Commerce Java Shopping Cart E-Commerce Solution, includes source code with license, is customizable, extensible for any online selling needs. Low license fees compare to other online java solutions

    U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, & Transportation


    Category: Commerce, Science, and Transportation

    Committee jurisdiction includes the Coast Guard, coastal management, communications, highway safety, waterways, interstate commerce, maritime commerce, fisheries, merchant marine, nonmilitary aeronautics, oceans, weather, atmosphere, consumer products, engineering, technology, sports, and standards of measurement.

    Camp County Chamber of Commerce


    Category: Camp

    Official website of the Camp County Chamber of Commerce. Dedicated to promoting commerce for local area business and the community. Offers information for tourists, relocation and local history.

    The Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce


    Category: Maritime Law

    Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce covers all of admiralty and maritime law, including law of the sea, publishing on ocean commerce and shipping, cargo and its containers, the marine environment and marine antiquities, seamen, longshoremen, stevedores and harbor workers, salvage, collision, fishing, rules of the road, cruise ships and racing.

    Association for Postal Commerce


    Category: Associations

    National association of businesses and organizations that use or support the use of mail as a medium for business communication and commerce.