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    Ireland Jersies


    Category: Gaelic

    Irish football and hurling jersies.

    Mills and Millers of Ireland


    Category: Mills

    The Society for the Preservation of Ancient and Traditional Irish Mills links members and mill enthusiasts throughout Ireland and beyond. Events, membership, mill links, newsletter and list of mills open to the public.

    Lisa's Movies About Ireland


    Category: Irish

    Listing of films either about an Irish subject or filmed in Ireland, with brief synopses.

    Ballycotton Lifeboat


    Category: Lifeboat Stations

    One of the oldest lifeboat stations in Ireland; includes information about their boat, crew, rescues and history. [Cork, Ireland]

    Compassionate Friends of N. Ireland


    Category: In Memoriam

    Remember the children of Northern Ireland.

    Church of Ireland (Traditional Rite)


    Category: Dioceses

    A list of parish locations in Ireland as well as history and contact information.