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    Category: PlayStation 2

    "Every event I compete in feels like the absolute bare minimum. It hurts to say it, but on balance I have to say this is the worst Winter Olympics video game I have ever played." Reviewed by Akira Mark Fujita with overall score [2/10].

    Irminsul Aettir - Seidhr


    Category: Norse

    Seiðr (pronounced say-dh or say-th with the r being silent) is the shamanistic magical practice of the Norse and Germanic people. Mailing list and articles.

    Comics I Don't Understand


    Category: Comic Strips

    Comics strips that might be funny, but I just can't figure out what the artist was trying to say. Can anybody help me out?



    Category: ArchLord

    Preview, by Egon Superb: "At the moment, we're going to restrict our comments and just say that, hopefully Archlord's innovative features will overthrow its godawful familiarity..."

    Just Say NO to Microsoft


    Category: Microsoft

    A directory of alternatives to Microsoft products and services.

    ABC News: Save the Whales, Kill a Culture?


    Category: Pro-Whaling

    Dean Schabner. The Makah tribe says groups that want to stop their whale hunt are using racist arguments, but the opponents say they just want to save the whales.