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    Mandylion Research Labs


    Category: Password Tools

    Biometric and PIN activated password generators/managers. Provide users with convenience, privacy and security in management of web site, LAN/WAN, VPN and digital certificate passwords.

    Computing Labs


    Category: Computing

    Information on the various labs around JMU including user alerts and operating hours.

    Applied Process Engineering Laboratory (APEL)


    Category: Research Facilities

    An Eastern Washington technology business startup center with engineering and manufacturing scale space, as well as wet labs, bio labs, and electronic laboratories.

    Brockport High School Physics Labs


    Category: Lesson Plans

    Nearly 40 lab experiments which could be used as demonstrations or ready-to-go labs.

    HardOCP Declares Win vs. Infinium Labs


    Category: Infinium Labs

    "HardOCP basically won when Infinium Labs finally gave up the fight citing great expenses involved in fighting the declaratory suit." [Slashdot]

    AT&T Labs Research


    Category: ATT Labs

    News, people, projects, research areas, and resources from the research division of the American telecom corporation.