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    Poi Meetup


    Category: Meteors and Poi

    Meetup with others who enjoy Poi as a hobby.

    Expat Canadian Meetup Groups


    Category: Canadian

    Meetup details to find and get together with other Canadian expatriates in hundreds of cities.


    Category: Events

    Meetup is a service used to organize online groups that host in-person events for people with similar interests. Users can be a member of multiple groups or RSVP for any number of events, most of which use the website to find friends, share a hobby, or for professional networking.

    BookCrossing Meetup


    Category: BookCrossing

    Search for groups of local BookCrossers who gather to meet monthly.

    Java Meetup Groups


    Category: User Groups

    Find groups in your area. Includes directory, photos, and message board.

    Cleveland Java Meetup Group


    Category: Ohio

    Includes meeting history, mailing list signup, and directions.