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    Morris K. Udall Foundation


    Category: Independent

    Information about the Foundation and its programs, including the U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution, scholarships and fellowships, Native American Congressional and White House internships, and Parks in Focus. The Foundation was established by the U.S. Congress in 1992 to honor Rep. Morris Udall's thirty years of service in the House of Representatives.


    Category: Guides and Directories

    Browse the foundation directory, pick a listed foundation, search any foundation's information page or search any foundation's home page. Foundation home pages may contain downloadable information such as grant applications, periodical and financial reports, and e-mail capabilities.

    Animal Rights Debate


    Category: Chats and Forums

    Discussing all sides of the animal rights, animal welfare, animal conservation and animal use issues. Yahoo! Group.

    Animal Rights vs Animal Welfare: Know the Difference!


    Category: Animal Rights or Liberation

    An educational resource to explain in simple terms, the difference between the Animal Rights and Animal Welfare agendas. Designed to aid the public in determining how they want their donation dollars to animal charities/causes to be spent.

    Evelyn De Morgan - Portrait of Jane Morris


    Category: Morris, Jane

    A 1904 portrait of the Pre-Raphaelite model Jane Morris, by Evelyn De Morgan. Chalks on brown paper laid on canvas.

    San Francisco Bay Area Morris teams


    Category: Morris

    One of the first local directories of Morris Dance teams and their specialities.