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    National Jousting Association


    Category: Jousting

    The United States' association for ring jousting, the country's longest continuously contested sport. History, rules, clubs, and schedules.

    Medieval Times


    Category: Themed

    A dinner show offering medieval jousting theme. Includes show description and costs, online reservations, and locations.

    The Stuff Heroes Are Made Of


    Category: Hero System

    Home of the Champions Mailing List (4 week archive). "Justice League of Alabama" campaign site: writeups and annals. Hero and Superhero Amazon on-line book store. 20 package deals, 2 Fantasy Hero magic systems, 50 items, jousting. 13 comic book writeups. Cardboard Heroes jpegs. MSH SAGA to Hero conversion.

    Jousting Horses by Tor an Riogh


    Category: Meridies

    Construction techniques: horse, pulley, lance, shield; field setup, many pictures.

    SCA Equestrian Marshal


    Category: Jousting

    Society for Creative Anachronism's resources for jousting and other mounted combat. Includes rules, handbooks, and regional contacts.

    National Guard Association of Florida


    Category: Military

    Parent organization of the National Guard Officer Association of Florida (NGOA-FL) and the Enlisted National Guard Association of Florida (ENGAF).