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    Need For Speed 2


    Category: Need for Speed II

    Lots of need for speed 2 stuff I mean lots

    Andrew's Cars for Need for Speed 3


    Category: Need for Speed III - Hot Pursuit

    Andrew makes utterly unrealistic cars that probably never could exist for Need for Speed 3. All are downloadable so you can race them yourself.

    Steward Machine Co., Inc.


    Category: Alabama

    Manufactures Earle speed reducers in addition to offering CNC machining, fabricating, and gear cutting services. Presents a speed reducer catalog, facilities information, and contact data.

    Fiber Motion and Yarn Forming in High Speed Air Flows


    Category: Texturing

    Technical paper presenting an overview of the areas of application of high-speed air streams in yarn spinning, focused on air-jet texturing of filaments and the use of air to generate false twist in cotton spinning. Authors: William Oxenham and others.

    XPeRT Keyboard


    Category: Layouts

    Escape the Qwerty speed trap with XPeRT Keyboard layout. Built for speed and easy transition.


    Category: Performance

    Tool to test web page size, composition, and download speed. Lists recommendations for speed improvement.