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    Metaphysics of Space and Motion


    Category: Theories

    A scientific description of reality hypothesizing that matter exists as the spherical wave motion of space, with wave-centers causing particle effects, and wave motion causing time.

    Illinois Valley YMCA Dolphin Swim Team


    Category: Illinois

    North Central Illinois YMCA Swim team with roster, team records, schedule, meet results, pictures, games, coaches, YMCA qualifying times, swim links, and congratulations page.

    Mount Joy Swim Team


    Category: Pennsylvania

    Swim team that competes in the Lancaster County Summer Swim League. Located in Lancaster County, PA.

    WEST Coast Aquatics


    Category: Washington

    Competitive swim team in Mill Creek. Also provide swim lessons, water aerobics and summer swim team. Attack on U.S. Ship Signals New Wave of Terror


    Category: USS Cole, 2000

    Arab rage over the violence in Palestinian territories is directed at both Israel and the U.S. Tony Karon concludes, "Israeli leaders have already warned their people to brace for a new wave of terrorist attacks. Washington will probably have to do the same."

    Gravitational Radiation: A New Window onto the Universe


    Category: Gravitational Waves

    Review article by Kip Thorne (Caltech) about the basic concepts of gravitational wave physics and the prospects of gravitational wave astronomy.