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    North Carolina Bankers Association


    Category: North Carolina

    History and explanation of Community Investment Corporation of North Carolina (CICNC), founded in 1990 to address the shortage of affordable housing in North Carolina. Also forthcoming events, $5k robbery reward, and a list of member banks.

    International Amateur Radio Union (IARU)


    Category: Organizations

    An organization consisting of national amateur radio societies around the world, the watchdog and spokesman for the amateur radio community.

    Massachusetts Amateur Ballroom Dancers Association


    Category: Dance

    Promotes amateur ballroom dancing and supports all types of amateur ballroom dancing, including social, performance, and competitive.

    Amateur Astronomy


    Category: Magazines

    News for, by and about amateur astronomers around the world. A quarterly publication with lots of articles and pictures about all aspects of amateur astronomy.

    Coastal Plain League


    Category: Coastal Plain League

    Summer amateur collegiate baseball league with teams in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. Full schedules and team information.

    North American Gay Amateur Athletic Association


    Category: Softball

    North American Gay Amateur Athletic Association brings together over 40 cities across America.