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    Creation Research of the North Coast


    Category: Education

    Creation Research of the North Coast is a non-profit, tax exempt organization dedicated to spreading the truths of the Book of Genesis through seminars, publications and television.

    Pueblo Veteran's Association


    Category: USS Pueblo

    On an intelligence mission off the coast of North Korea, January 23, 1968, was attacked by North Korean naval vessels and MiG jets. 82 crew members were captured and held prisoner for 11 months.

    Coast to Coast by Recumbent Bicycle


    Category: Coast to Coast

    This is the story of a six-week odyssey riding across North America on a recumbent bicycle.

    North Coast Crew


    Category: Freestyle Walking

    Freestyle walking pictures, description, contact list and forums.

    Flight Crew Tax Services


    Category: Maryland

    Ellicott City based tax consultation and preparation for airline crew members - pilots and flight attendants. Personal expenses worksheet to assist crew members in tracking deductible expenses.

    Scouts Australia, Brisbane - Indooroopilly Rover Crew


    Category: Queensland

    Queensland Rover crew, located in Indoooroopilly, a southwestern suburb of Brisbane. Contains photo galleries, introduction to rovering, past programs, and crew history.