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    Support For Lesbians Coming Out


    Category: Support Groups

    Providing peer support for women who are coming out. The group is administered by the authors of "How To Be A Happy Lesbian: A Coming Out Guide". Only women may join this group.

    Comics I Don't Understand


    Category: Comic Strips

    Comics strips that might be funny, but I just can't figure out what the artist was trying to say. Can anybody help me out?

    Starting Out in Show Poultry


    Category: Exhibition

    Australian author discusses aspects of the fancy and points to keep in mind when starting out in the hobby.

    Color and Font Chooser for Java and HTML


    Category: Applets

    Lets programmers choose and try out different combinations of foreground and background colors. RGB to hex and vice versa conversion can also be done. One can also try out different fonts. By Ashok Kumar Gupta.

    project-m36/reaching_out_of_the_tarpit.markdown at master · agentm/project-m36 · GitHub


    Category: Implementations

    Reaching Out of the Tarpit with Project: M36, a relational algebra database management system written in Haskell to implement the foundation for functional relational programming as described in the paper "Out of the Tarpit".



    Category: Board Games

    Create as many words as possible out of the adjacent letter cubes in a 4x4 game board before the time runs out. By oopdreams software. Shareware.