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    Parelli Natural Horsemanship


    Category: Training

    Information about the training system. Includes links to national Parelli sites, books, videos, lists of certified trainers and clinic schedules.

    The Natural Gait


    Category: Iowa

    Located in Allamakee County, Iowa, the company offers secluded cabins available year-round, natural horsemanship clinics, and training sessions. Details of facilities and rates.

    Retrain Thoroughbreds


    Category: Chats and Forums

    A mailing list for owners of off-track thoroughbreds. Share training tips, ask questions, horses for sale/adoption. Discussion open to injury rehab, natural horsemanship, feeding help, tack questions. Includes public message archives.

    B & M Stables


    Category: North Carolina

    A full service facility offering training, boarding, and Natural Horsemanship lessons in the Huntseat and Western riding disciplines. Located in Four Oaks.

    Erin L. McCabe Riding Instruction


    Category: California

    Specializing in horseback riding instruction for beginner and intermediate riders, focusing on Dressage, Jumping, and Natural Horsemanship principles. Provides trainer biography and lesson information. Located in Martinez, California.

    Horse Training From the Ground Up


    Category: Training

    Offers articles by different trainers on natural horsemanship methods.