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    Puroresu Dojo


    Category: Puroresu

    Resource site since 1995. News, history of the sport from the mythological era to present, championship histories, event schedule, articles, interviews, message forum, list of organizations, photo gallery, and market place.

    Shinkikan Dojo


    Category: Texas

    Aikikai style Aikido taught in Houston, TX. Classes for children and adults. Class schedule, dojo etiquette, dojo news, online store, and testing requirements.

    Bujinkan Purdue Dojo


    Category: Athletics and Club Sports

    Features a history of Budo Taijutsu as well as information about joining the Purdue chapter of the dojo.

    Shinju Dojo


    Category: New Mexico

    Fugakukai and Karl Geis International Association affiliate dojo located in Albuquerque, NM. Instruction in Aikido and Judo.

    Jikishinkan Aikido Dojo


    Category: New York

    AAA affiliate in Brooklyn, NY. Location is also home to the Brooklyn Buddhist Association, and International Zen Dojo of Brooklyn, Sogenkai.

    Suenaka Zenzan Dojo


    Category: South Carolina

    Aikido and Karate dojo located in Greenville. Offers traditional instruction in Suenaka-ha Tetsugaku-ho Aikido and Matsumura Seito Hakutsuru Shorin-ryu Katatedo.