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    REALL - Rational Examination Association of Lincoln Land


    Category: Paranormal

    Non-profit educational and scientific organization. focused on developing rational thinking and applying scientific methods toward claims of the paranormal and fringe-science phenomena. Newsletter, events calendar, links and contacts are provided.

    Rational Universal Life Church


    Category: Universal Life Church

    Position statement for a group of Rationalist Freethinkers.

    UPnP - Universal Plug and Play Forum


    Category: Plug-and-Play

    The Universal Plug and Play Forum, an industry group of companies working to enable device-to-device interoperability by promoting Universal Plug and Play protocols and cooperatively developing and contributing XML schemas for device description, naming and HTML-based control.

    The Rational Psychic


    Category: Human Interest

    Personal essays primarily centered around issues of family, and small-town life, and how this sits against the backdrop of today's American social and political scene.

    The Hedonistic Imperative


    Category: Ethics

    Outlines how nanotechnology and genetic engineering will eradicate aversive experience in all sentient life - and why this is both instrumentally rational and ethically mandatory.

    Universal Studios


    Category: Universal Studios

    Information about Universal Studio's movies, television shows, video games and theme parks.