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    Institute of Physics - Email Discussion Lists


    Category: Mailing Lists

    Descriptions of and instructions how to subscribe to IOP lists: Physics Early Professional Development (PEPD), Physics Teaching News and Comment (PTNC), Scottish Physics Teaching News and Comment (SPUTNIK), Northern Ireland Physics Teachers Group (NIPTG), Connecting Advancing Physics Teachers (CAPT), Advancing Physics Technicians (APTech), and Connecting Advancing Physics Students (CAPS).

    Request For Comment 1035


    Category: DNS

    This RFC describes the details of the domain system and protocol, and assumes that the reader is familiar with the concepts discussed in a companion RFC, "Domain Names - Concepts and Facilities" [RFC-1034].

    RFC 2511 - Internet X.509 PKI - Certificate Request Message Format


    Category: Management Protocols

    The PKIX standard describes the Certificate Request Message Format (CRMF). This syntax is used to convey a request for a certificate to a Certification Authority (CA) for the purposes of X.509 certificate production.

    Project for Public Spaces (PPS)


    Category: Public Parks

    Comment and advice on public parks and public spaces around the world.


    Category: Reviews

    News and reviews about both new and classic science fiction books. Visitors can add authors, books, comment and their own reviews.

    James Wong Howe Replies to Comment on Cameramen


    Category: Howe, James Wong

    Reply to Stephen Longstreet's claim that "brilliant cameramen are the curse of the business".