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    Weddings by Reverend Valentine


    Category: Washington

    Religious, non-religious, traditional, non-traditional wedding reverend.

    Reverend Billy


    Category: Multi-Issue

    Advocacy group led by comic preacher. Opposes chain stores and malls that hurt neighborhoods.

    NPR : Dr. Billy Taylor and All That Jazz


    Category: Taylor, Billy

    Jazz pianist Dr. Billy Taylor is retiring from public performance this week but will continue his educational endeavors. Taylor reflects on his deep friendships with many giants of the genre and the jazz scene of the 1940s. [9:53 streaming audio broadcast]

    Dr. Billy Taylor's 'What is Jazz'


    Category: Taylor, Billy

    Dr. Billy Taylor, noted jazz pianist and educator gives an introduction of jazz, america's classical music, in this four part artsedge lecture series, given at the Kennedy Center in 1995. The entire series is available in realaudio 3.0 format, with cross indexing by subject.

    WIPO Decision: Billy Connolly v. Anthony Stewart


    Category: and

    Text of WIPO decision transferring and to Scottish comedian Billy Connolly.

    Congressman Billy Long


    Category: Billy Long [R-7]

    Official site of U.S. Representative Billy Long from Missouri's 7th district, Republican party.