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    SaVi satellite constellation visualization


    Category: Satellites

    Software to view the movement of multiple satellites in two and three dimensions. View Iridium, Teledesic and Globalstar on your desktop.

    Constellation, USS


    Category: Green Fleet

    The USS Constellation, NCC-1017-G, is a Kirov-Class Heavy Cruiser and part of Tactical Squadron 47, Green Fleet.

    Constellation Ventures


    Category: California

    Focus: early to mid-stage companies that capitalize on the convergence of media, communications and technology, and primarily located near Los Angeles or New York City.

    Airline History Museum


    Category: Missouri

    An organization dedicated to restoring, preserving, and exhibiting propeller driven commercial aircraft including a Lockheed "Super G" Constellation, a Martin 404, and a Douglas DC-3. Located at the Historic Downtown Airport, in Kansas City, Missouri.

    USS Constellation


    Category: Decommissioned

    The last all sail vessel built by the US Navy currently on display in Baltimore, MD. Profile, history, events and tour information.

    Constellation Energy Group


    Category: Energy and Environment

    A holding company that includes energy-related businesses focused on power marketing and merchant generation in North America. Baltimore Gas and Electric Company.