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    Sci.Chem FAQ


    Category: Chemistry

    A fairly comprehensive list of frequently asked questions and answers about chemistry and related topics.

    Sierra's AGI / SCI Forum


    Category: Sierra

    Public forum to discuss AGI and SCI games and interpreters.

    Sci-Fiction Channel To Do Myst Miniseries


    Category: Reviews and Previews

    "The Sci-Fi channel and Cyan have just announced that they are collaborating on a mini-series based on the MYST series of computer games and novels." Reader discussion. [Slashdot]

    Chem Show: International Process Industries Exhibition


    Category: Conferences

    Process equipment and technology exposition featuring suppliers to the chemical process industry, including controls and automation, fluid and solids handling, quality control, and training products and services.

    CHEM Research GmbH


    Category: Marketing and Advertising

    Specialty chemicals consultants and marketing services based in Germany.

    CHS International Research


    Category: Distributors

    Provides anti-aging nutrition supplements, preventive nutrition and chem-prevention, such as HGH, OPC, IGF-1.