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    ScienceDaily: Hormone Linked To Good Hearing As We Age


    Category: Hearing

    Researchers have linked a hormone known to adjust levels of key brain chemicals to the quality of our hearing as we age.

    JAMA - Fetal Loss Associated With Excess Thyroid Hormone Exposure


    Category: Pregnancy

    The standard practice of increasing thyroid hormone replacement doses in hypothyroid pregnant women leads to higher miscarriage and lower birth weights.

    Natural Hormone Clinic


    Category: Women

    An all natural hormone replacement, step-by-step recipe for you and your physician to follow.

    ScienceDaily: Animal Protein Allergies Explained


    Category: Research

    New research discusses why more people are allergic to cow's milk.

    ScienceDaily Magazine - 'Undertaker' Bees


    Category: Apis

    Article on those workers that remove dead bees from the hive, from Illinois University research.

    ScienceDaily Magazine


    Category: Educational Resources

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