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    The Shadow: Master of Darkness


    Category: Shadow

    Information about The Shadow in pulps, radio, comics, and movies. With an interactive section for fans.

    Shadow Island Games


    Category: Play-By-E-Mail

    Hosts Olympia, The Age of Gods, Singularity, Food Chain and Arena games. Also links to pbem tools and other sites.

    Shadow Island Games


    Category: Companies

    Provides information on Olympia, a large-scale strategic fantasy simulation. Features a brief introduction to the game, along with turn reports and web archives [United States].

    DOS Games


    Category: DOS

    Contains shareware and freeware games, organized by genre. Also available are associated utilities and a message board to find old games, get games working or discuss DOS games.

    Steve Jackson Games: Gamer and Store Finder


    Category: Play Groups

    Searchable database, with entries from all over the world. Contains information on games played (board games and roleplaying games, from SJG only). Registration available.

    Games Mathematicians Play


    Category: Education

    Mathematical games from a logical point of view: strategies for games and using games in descriptive complexity.