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    Small Blacks


    Category: Youth

    Youth rugby website with information and competitions.

    West Farm Mules & Mammoth Donkeys


    Category: Standard and Mammoth

    Breeders of show quality halter and performance mules and mammoth donkey jackstock. Specializing in breeding for mules with color, Buckskins, Duns and Blacks. Located in Las Vegas Nevada.



    Category: Missouri

    Missouri breeder, that specializes in solid whites, blacks, bi-colors and silver tabbies. Images and cat details.

    Black Paws Farm


    Category: New Hampshire

    Breeding to the AKC standard, specializing in solid blacks from German bloodlines. Includes photographs and pedigrees. Antrim.



    Category: Toy

    Raising blacks and browns. Pictures of their dogs, show highlights, and puppy pictures. Sweden.

    African American Collections


    Category: Social History

    This collection draws upon church minute meetings, extension bulletins, personal papers, photographs, and oral histories to document the history of blacks in Alabama. Some documents may be viewed online.