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    Plows Unlimited


    Category: Snow Clearing

    Distributor of snow and ice removal equipment from many manufacturers. The company also manufactures and develops snow removal products such as snow plows for fork lifts and mounted snow blowers on cable lift cars.



    Category: Resorts

    Details on 600 winter sports resorts throughout Japan - daily weather and snow updates, features, a popular Forum and a members section where users create pages and journals.

    9th Theater Army Area Command, Camp Zama, Japan


    Category: NonCONUS Installations and Units

    Headquartered at Camp Zama, Japan, the 9th TAACOM is a major subordinate command of the United States Army Japan and is responsible for the logistical support to units in Japan and the Western Pacific.

    Snow Crystals


    Category: Education

    Information about the physics of snow crystals and snowflakes as well as the history of early scientific observations and photographs, how to take photos, preserving snow crystals, and unusual snowflakes. Nabs New Customer in Japan


    Category: Linspire

    The desktop Linux advocate boasts a new partnership in Japan with Japanese ISP EDGE to sell LindowsOS in Japan for home, work, education uses; and assures customers Lindows has nothing to fear from SCO. [InternetNews]

    U.S. Fleet Activities, Sasebo, Japan


    Category: Fleet Activities Sasebo

    Located on the southernmost island of mainland Japan, Sasebo is a community of 250,000 people. The City of Sasebo, once the base of the Imperial Japanese Navy, is now home to approximately 5,500 U.S. Navy personnel, their families and Department of Defense civilians. Ships and personnel of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force also operate from Sasebo.