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    Softelec GmbH


    Category: Raster to Vector

    Providers of the HybridCAD software for raster to vector conversion and AutoCAD line tracing.

    Hoentzsch GmbH


    Category: Instruments

    Since 1976 the DIN ISO 9001 certified Hoentzsch GmbH develops and manufactures flow measurement instruments for a wide spectrum of applications.

    Ilec GmbH


    Category: Soaring

    Manufacturer of variometers and glide computers.

    BMG Rights Management GmbH


    Category: Licensing

    International group of companies focused on the management of music rights.

    Böckmann Fahrzeugwerke GmbH


    Category: Trailers

    German Manufacturer of trailers for a variety of purposes, including agriculture. Offers product information, online vehicle configuration, photos and prices. With the addresses of representatives in 25 countries.

    Identec Solutions GmbH


    Category: RFID

    Manufacturer of automatic identification systems - RFID and optical - for industry and logistics. Located in Lustenau, Austria.