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    Softpanorama University Bookshelf / TCP/IP books


    Category: Protocols

    Critical reviews of several TCP/IP-related books. Recommendations for students.

    Softpanorama University Skeptical Antivirus page


    Category: Viruses

    A skeptical look at anti-virus protection.



    Category: Open Source

    (slightly skeptical) open source software educational society. Eastern European focus; many links are ideal for those with few resources in hardware or money.

    Softpanorama Java Page


    Category: Criticism

    A skeptical look at Java from the Open Source Software Educational Society.

    Classic Bookshelf: Don Quixote


    Category: Works

    Online reader. [requires Java]

    Classic Bookshelf: Anton Chekhov


    Category: Short Stories

    Etexts of ~20 short stories.