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    Category: Guides and Directories

    Browse the foundation directory, pick a listed foundation, search any foundation's information page or search any foundation's home page. Foundation home pages may contain downloadable information such as grant applications, periodical and financial reports, and e-mail capabilities.

    Jim Jenkins' Space & Satellite News


    Category: Mailing Lists and Newsletters

    Free monthly Ezine with space and satellite news, articles and space-related announcements. Also includes space and satellite short course announcements and technical articles for space engineers and scientists.

    Space Foundation Space Symposia


    Category: Conferences and Meetings

    Presentation of upcoming Space symposia.

    Nuclear Thermal Propulsion


    Category: Applications in Space

    Information resources on space nuclear propulsion, space policy and other nuclear related topics by the Federation of American Scientists. Includes space policy, technical, strategic defense and space exploration information.

    James Oberg's Pioneering Space


    Category: Personal Pages

    Provides article collection and research on the Russian and US space programs, Mir and the International Space Station, by an author of numerous books in the space domain.

    The Voice Foundation


    Category: Language and Speech

    Provides education and care of the professional voice user. Its online home provides information about Foundation's video library, meetings, and journal, as well as a search engine for locating Foundation members around the world.