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    Uru: Ages Beyond Macs? - Myst Developer May Blow Off Mac


    Category: Reviews and Previews

    "We're not just talking about another platform here, we're talking about the platform that helped create Myst in the first place." [The Mac Observer]

    IGN Game Boy


    Category: Klonoa 2 - Dream Champ Tournament

    Review, by Craig Harris: "In all honesty, other than a new string of platform level challenges, Klonoa 2 doesn't really attempt to be any different than the original game that shipped more than three years ago on the platform." [Score: 8 out of 10]

    The Light Party


    Category: Parties

    Advocates a platform of health, peace and freedom for all. Features FAQ, platform and essays.

    GenOuest Bioinformatics Platform


    Category: Online Services

    Provides a complete set of bioinformatics tools and public databanks updated daily, and a range of links to seminars, training courses and platform news.

    Spiritual Platform


    Category: Spiritualism

    Offers a series of articles on subjects including aromatherapy, dreams, psychic animals, the aura and the chakras. Includes poetry.

    Inner Visions World Wide


    Category: Cast and Crew

    Information about the network of spiritual and holistic practitioners including Iyanla Vanzant, who provide education, workshops, life and spiritual coaching.