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    Hanna Barbera Super TV Heroes


    Category: Superhero

    Includes faq, episode guide, synopsis, pictures, comic book appearances, and powers of the Hanna Barbera Super TV Heroes

    The Animated Heroes Webring


    Category: Web Rings

    For websites about heroes and heroines from any cartoon, anime, or animated series or movie.

    Hogan's Heroes How to Win Friends and Influence Nazis


    Category: Hogan's Heroes

    List of Hogan's Heroes collectibles.

    Tami Cowden


    Category: Personal Pages

    Writing tips from the author of Fallen Heroes: Sixteen Master Villain Archetypes! and Complete Writer's Guide to Heroes and Heroines.

    Golden Heroes PBeM


    Category: Golden Heroes

    Notes from a play by email campaign. Includes heroes, setting, archived sessions, and rules.

    The Stuff Heroes Are Made Of


    Category: Hero System

    Home of the Champions Mailing List (4 week archive). "Justice League of Alabama" campaign site: writeups and annals. Hero and Superhero Amazon on-line book store. 20 package deals, 2 Fantasy Hero magic systems, 50 items, jousting. 13 comic book writeups. Cardboard Heroes jpegs. MSH SAGA to Hero conversion.