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    Storyboard Artist Software


    Category: Presentation

    Pre-visualize and present your ideas through several production types including printouts, animatic-type presentation with sound, or export to HTML for web presentation.

    Timm of the New Gods


    Category: Articles and Interviews

    By Jon B. Cooke. [Comic Book Artist] Includes original storyboard art from the Superman finale, "Legacy".

    Lyle, Billy


    Category: Storyboard Artists

    Storyboard artist and filmmaker from Comox British Columbia. Art, comics and storyboards as well as his resume.

    Sheppard, Josh


    Category: Storyboard Artists

    Storyboards for film and television, as well as a storyboard tutorial and many storyboarding related links. Samples in color, black and white, ink and pencil.

    TASI Technical Software


    Category: Software

    currently has software tools for the analysis of small signal piezoelectric properties, and large signal characterisation of piezoeoelectric, electrostrictive, ferroelectric, and antiferroelectric materials. Each software package is modular where extended features are supported through plug-in software modules. Each package also includes an optional data acquisition module allowing the collection of raw data directly from instrumentation.

    Business Software Alliance


    Category: Associations

    Trade organization working with international governments to advance the goals of the software industry and their hardware partners. The organization educates computer users on software copyrights, advocates public policy, trade opportunities, and fights software piracy.