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    Strategic Management Journal


    Category: News and Media

    An academic journal that publishes research articles relating to strategic management and strategic planning.



    Category: Weblogs

    Blog about strategic, strategic planning and other strategic and management topics.

    60 Minute Strategic Plan


    Category: Software

    Offers a book, software, and workshops on a 12-step, one page strategic planning process for creating strategic plans in under one hour.

    Ansley Capital Group


    Category: Middle Market

    Financial advisory firm focused on private companies in technology, healthcare, and outsourcing industries seeking to raise capital in the institutional capital markets.

    The Capital Connection


    Category: Capital Access - Financing

    Includes links to venture capital companies, capital networks, business plan preparation, angel investor networks, grants, small business loans.

    Strategic Capital Management


    Category: United States

    Provides global asset management and investment advisory services.