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    Stupid XSLT Tricks: Some Fun XSLT Examples


    Category: FAQs, Help, and Tutorials

    A stupid XSL trick is a use of XSLT for something unusual or amusing for which it wasn't necessarily designed. These tricks are intended for an audience that is learning XSLT and wishes do so by poking around in various less-explored corners. Paper includes three examples with full explanations.

    Stupid Things That Happen at Q-Zar:A Marshal's Perspective


    Category: Q-zar

    Contains observations made by Q-Zar marshals.

    I Fear My Grandma More Than Marilyn Manson


    Category: Manson, Marilyn

    Is Marilyn Manson a genius, or are his fans just really stupid?

    Jerry Springer


    Category: Views and Opinions

    Opinion on how the host promotes "stupid women".

    Lame Cards


    Category: Humor

    A collection of unique designs featuring stupid humor for all occasions.

    Word Processors: Stupid and Inefficient


    Category: Advocacy

    Article explaining the disadvantages of word processors when compared with a TeX or LaTeX system.