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    How To Succeed With Women


    Category: For Men

    How to meet and talk with women, and other useful tips.

    Succeed With Women


    Category: E-zines

    Free weekly newsletter featuring dating tips on how to successfully meet, date, attract, and seduce women.

    Succeed to Read


    Category: Reading Instruction

    Provides tips and techniques parents and teachers can use to teach children how to read.

    The Refactory, Inc.


    Category: Refactoring

    Founded as a consortium of experts in Refactoring, objects, e-commerce, Patterns, Extreme Programming, flexible and adaptable systems; dedicated to helping organizations succeed with objects; evolved from Ralph Johnson Software Architecture group, University of Illinois.

    Succeed Now


    Category: Baccarat

    Provides a system to help players increase their chances of winning.

    Game Revolution


    Category: Reviews and Previews

    Review by Johnny B., A-. "The force is indeed strong with this one. And the force will be strong with you as well if you actually succeed in completing the sadistically challenging second Death Star run."