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    TecQuipment Ltd


    Category: Equipment

    Manufacturer of educational equipment used to demonstrate science and engineering principles in university laboratories and school classrooms.

    1975 Ford LTD Country Squire Wagon


    Category: Personal

    Chronicling the adventures of a '75 LTD Country Squire. This unique site also features LTD art, created with the wagon as a centerpiece.

    Shandong Huaming Biochemistry Co, Ltd.


    Category: Biopolymers

    Specialist producer of itaconic acid, in collaboration with Jinan Fengwen Plastic Co, Ltd produces biodegradable plastics for export from China.

    GerbBan Fibres, Ltd


    Category: Bast Fibers

    Bangladesh. Joint venture of Wilhelm G. Clasen and Nowapara Jute Mills, Ltd. Suppliers of machine processed jute, meshta and kenaf opened and chopped fibers, slivers and tow for automotive and construction applications, and pulp and paper production.

    Asia Pacific Leather Fair, Ltd


    Category: Trade Shows

    Hong Kong. International exhibitions for the global leather industry. Organizers of world wide shows for the leather garment, footwear and accessories trade. Joint venture between Miller Freeman Asia, Ltd., and the SIC Group.

    Denimac Machinery Pvt., Ltd


    Category: Cot Grinding

    India. Manufacturers of hydraulically operated cot grinding machines for the yarn spinning industry. Also, lubricants for ring spinning frames and knitting needles. Part of C and C Textile Pvt., Ltd.