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    Jason Martell's Research Network


    Category: Ancient Astronauts

    Modern science confirms ancient knowledge. Sumerian descriptions of Ancient Astronauts, DNA confirms Sumerian history, the search for Plant X/Nibiru, and a video tour of Sumerian artifacts from the Chicago Oriental Institute.

    TechCrunch: A Look Back on Symbian on the Eve of its Demise


    Category: Symbian

    Overview of the operating system from the beginnings to the last Nokia phone shipped with it.

    Nokia Views


    Category: Weblogs

    Opinions about Nokia, their mobile devices, their past, present and the future.



    Category: Hardware

    Official homepage of Nokia, the most significant producer of Symbian-based phones.

    PuTTY for Symbian OS


    Category: Software

    Free SSH client. Includes news, documentation, FAQ and downloads. [UIQ, Nokia Communicators, Nokia Series 60]