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    A Non Functional Calculus: Linear Logic and Concurrency (2000)


    Category: Proofs as Processes

    (CiteSeer) This paper proposes the *-calculus as an approach that unifies Abramsky's proofs-as-processes approach with Boudol and Berry's Chemical Abstract Machine approach.



    Category: Chats and Forums

    A literary discussion forum for post critique of poetry, especially formal poetry, fiction, non-fiction and arts and photography. Focus on metrical/ formal verse.

    XML Schema: Formal Description


    Category: Standards Documents

    Formalization of a formal, declarative system for describing and naming XML Schema information, specifying XML instance type information, and validating instances against schemas. (W3C Working Draft, 25 September 2001)

    WAFL1: First Workshop on Formal Altaic Linguistis


    Category: Conferences

    WAFL 1, MIT, USA. Includes proceedings of the First Workshop on Altaic Formal Linguistics.

    Formal Language Theory


    Category: Formal Language Theory

    An introductory approach to the topic using many examples.

    The Formal Approach to Meaning


    Category: Semantics

    Short survey of semantics of natural language by Barbara Abbott, at University of Michigan. Focuses upon Montague semantics, and tries to give a feel for the main open problems in the field.