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    The American Shetland Pony Club


    Category: Shetland Pony

    Four separate breeds under one club: The Classic American Shetland Pony, The Modern American Shetland Pony, The American Miniature Horse Registry and The American Show Pony Registry. Contains calendar of events, forms, contacts, and show results.

    Biota of North America Program


    Category: North America

    Program whose goal is to develop a unified digital system for assessing the North American biota. Descriptions of projects and the Synthesis of the North American Flora CD-ROM.

    Early American Pattern Glass Society


    Category: Early American Pattern Glass - EAPG

    The Society was formed to foster and encourage the collection, appreciation, study, and documentation of early American pattern glassware, its makers, and its place in American life, past and present. It is a non-profit group of collectors and dealers who share an interest in Early American Pattern Glass.

    The JBANC Connection


    Category: Baltic

    The WWW home of the JointBaltic American National Committee, Inc. which represents the Estonian American National Council, Inc., the American Latvian Association, Inc., and the Lithuanian American Council, Inc.

    American Quarter Horse Association


    Category: Associations

    Official breed registry and membership association for the American Quarter Horse. Includes information on programs sponsored by the AQHA including Youth, American Quarter Horse racing, American Quarter Horse showing, and recreational riding. Listing of upcoming events and competitions, member clubs, and associated links.

    Comunidad Latinoamericana en MSU (Latin American Community of MSU)


    Category: Organizations

    Es una Associacion Lationamericana en la Universidad de Michigan State, MSU. (The Latin American Community is a student organization whose intention is to promote and to offer spiritual, academic and social support to its members. In addition, one of the fundamental objectives is to stimulate a sincere friendship between the Latin American students and their families. In order to fulfill its objectives the Community organizes activities that promote understanding and integration between the different cultures. Members of the Community come from North America, Central America, South America, the Caribbean and the Iberian Peninsula. Site includes Community activities, directories, and information for new students from the countries of Latin America.)