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    ODP Profile


    Category: JJMaloney

    Editor of Crime Magazine, a site on crime. Previously worked as a newspaper reporter and editor. Won many awards as an investigative reporter for the Kansas City Star and Orange County Register. Editor (twice) of The New Times, a Kansas City alternative newspaper (now defunct). Author of four books (one poetry, two novels, one book of essays). Also have been a computer programmer and paralegal.

    Newsweek: Rove Spoke to Reporter Before Leak


    Category: Rove, Karl

    CNN story on Newsweek magazine report that Rove spoke to reporter in the days before a CIA operative's identity was revealed in the media, but it wasn't clear what they discussed.

    The Published Reporter


    Category: Newspapers

    Focuses primarily on news and current issues related to the United States.

    Tom, Josh


    Category: Tom, Josh

    Novelist and reporter; with synopses and a biography.

    Aalborg, Gordon


    Category: Novelists

    Canadian reporter, columnist, and photo-journalist. Also known as Mills and Boon writer Victoria Gordon. Profile and list of books.

    Riis, Jacob


    Category: Riis, Jacob

    Biography about the former newspaper reporter, known for "How the Other Half Lives".