Identifying symptoms associated with mesothelioma.

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    Category: Eigenvalues

    A collection of Fortran subroutines that compute the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of nine classes of matrices: complex general, complex Hermitian, real general, real symmetric, real symmetric banded, real symmetric tridiagonal, special real tridiagonal, generalized real, and generalized real symmetric matices. In addition, two routines are included that use singular value decomposition to solve certain least-squares problems.

    Life on the Farm Board Game


    Category: Life on the Farm

    This board game about life on a family farm was created by a farm family, using real farm life experiences! Award winning fun for ages 8 to 108.

    Community Covenant Church


    Category: California

    El Cajon. "Real life, real faith, real fun."

    Meta Stream


    Category: Installations and Performances

    Real time performance that contains live Real Video stream (animations and live camera mix), experimental sound and noise music in Real Audio and real-time web-page editing. The team is based in Riga (Latvia).

    Cornell University Program in Real Estate


    Category: Departments and Programs

    Cornell University Program in Real Estate is a two year Masters in Real Estate degree with a rigor of an MBA program while focusing entirely on Real Estate.

    Georgia Institute of Real Estate (GIRE)


    Category: Organizations

    Offers courses for obtaining a real estate license. Courses offered by the Institute meet all the educational requirements of the Georgia Real Estate Commission and Real Estate Appraisers Board.