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    PPRK: Palm Pilot Robot Kit


    Category: Building

    The Palm Pilot Robot Kit is a design for an easy-to-build, fully autonomous robot controlled by a Palm handheld computer.



    Category: Robots

    A fictional Victorian-era robot created as a hoax. Include humorous historical photos and fictional accounts of the robot's exploits in World War I.

    The Anti-Robot Inundation Army


    Category: Weblogs

    A mail art project blog that has been raging against the robot (and other things) since 2003.

    Robot Competition FAQ


    Category: Competitions

    Information and dates for all known Robot-related competitions and contests. Updated monthly and posted to comp.robotics.misc and news.answers.

    Trinity College Fire Fighting Home Robot Contest


    Category: Competitions

    A challenge to build a computerized robot that can detect a fire and then put it out. Includes rules, registration information, photos, and a FAQ.

    NPR : Robot Vehicles Race for $2 Million Prize


    Category: DARPA Grand Challenge and Urban Challenge

    Teams from across the country launched 40 robots yesterday on a 150-mile trek through the Nevada desert. The Pentagon's advanced research agency will pay $2 million to the winner. Last year, no robot finished the course. [4:43 streaming audio broadcast]