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    The sci.lang FAQ


    Category: Linguistics

    Answers to frequently asked questions about dialects, languages and their relationships, linguistics, and phonetic systems.



    Category: Pastoral Support

    Rev. Sue Lang offers workshops and seminars, leadership retreats, coaching, consultation and crisis management, in a congregation or ministry setting. Includes Lang's biography and writing resume.

    Sierra's AGI / SCI Forum


    Category: Sierra

    Public forum to discuss AGI and SCI games and interpreters.

    Sci-Fiction Channel To Do Myst Miniseries


    Category: Reviews and Previews

    "The Sci-Fi channel and Cyan have just announced that they are collaborating on a mini-series based on the MYST series of computer games and novels." Reader discussion. [Slashdot]

    comp.lang.pascal.borland FAQ


    Category: Borland

    The Frequently Asked Questions for this Usenet newsgroup.

    FAQ Repository by Vikas Malik


    Category: FAQs, Help, and Tutorials

    From comp.lang.smalltalk, comp.answers, news.answers, for Smalltalk, ENVY/Manager, GemStone, Forte'.