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    Usenet creator Jim Ellis dies


    Category: History

    News item about the death, in 2001, of Jim Ellis, who helped create Usenet.

    Freedom Knights of Usenet


    Category: Usenet

    Dedicated to free speech, and its implementation on Usenet, an alternative point of view. Information about Usenet sites of Virtue and surviving UDPs.

    Usenet Info Center Launch Pad


    Category: Newsgroup Directories

    Apparently no longer maintained, but of interest for historical reasons. Besides a list of Usenet newsgroups, also contains links to FAQs, newsgroup descriptions, and other Usenet information.

    Automated Usenet Binary Archive


    Category: Cover Images

    An archive of almost every cd-cover image posted to the usenet group

    Automated Usenet Binary Archive Amateur Landscapes Gallery


    Category: Landscapes

    A subsection of AUBA, it archives almost all pictures posted to usenet group Images, signup, frequently asked questions.

    Abuse of Usenet: Cyberstalked


    Category: Cyberstalking

    Jayne Hitchock's battle with Usenet spammer Woodside Literary Agency began in 1996, and continued into 2002 with her cyberstalkers sentenced to prison and probation on charges of conspiracy to commit mail fraud, perjury and making false statements to a federal officer. Hitchcock's site details the case from start to finish, and shows how it led to new laws making cyberstalking a criminal offense in New Hampshire (USA).