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    Gorm the Wired Viking


    Category: Advice

    Choose your topic and be rewarded with an "ancient" Viking proverb, or help to create new proverbs in Gorm's Olde Proverb Factory.

    The Longship Company


    Category: Ships

    A non-profit educational organization which maintains, sails and exhibits replica Viking ships in the Chesapeake Bay area. Sailing manual, discussion of boat types, description of care and operating procedures, and links to other Viking sites.

    Wolfgar Freehold is an Asatru page for Norse, Gemanic Heritage, a Viking Religion.


    Category: North America

    A Montana Asatru page about our the Norse and Germanic Gods and Goddesses. Ancestral beliefs and Viking religion.

    The Viking Answer Lady


    Category: Resources

    With questions and answers on Viking culture, religion, and society.

    Viking Athletics


    Category: Paddleball

    Platform tennis equipment manufacturer of paddles, balls and accessories.

    Viking/Norse Religion


    Category: Norse

    Introduction to the pre-Christian religious beliefs of the Scandinavian people.