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    Vitria Technology, Inc.


    Category: Enterprise Application Integration

    eBusiness platform for automating cross-enterprise business processes including Business Process Management (BPM), Business-to-Business Communications (B2B), Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), and Real-time Analysis (RTA).

    College of Engineering, Technology and Architecture


    Category: College of Engineering, Technology and Architecture

    Offers studies in engineering, with an emphasis on theory, analysis, and design; technology, which teaches engineering technology, with an emphasis on hands-on application of theory; and architectural technology, with its emphasis on a combination of design and application of theory.

    Introduction to Trenchless Technology


    Category: Documents

    ISTT prepared document produced as an introduction to the use of Trenchless Technology for the installation, replacement and renovation of underground utility services. Dealing with a recently developed technology, which is advancing rapidly, it is intended as a first source of reference, and does not presume to cover the application of all available techniques.

    Wichita Technology Corporation


    Category: Seed

    Focus: foster growth of technology-based businesses in Kansas by assisting start-up companies and working with entrepreneurs to transfer technology to the market.

    Citation Software


    Category: Software Development

    Provider of services and products related to electronic publishing technology, particularly on-demand-publishing technology and variable-data-publishing technology.

    Calgary Council for Advanced Technology (CCAT)


    Category: Professional Associations

    Provides a forum where advanced technology stakeholders meet and exchange information for the benefit of the Calgary advanced technology community.