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    The Northeast's Tennessee Walking Horse Connection


    Category: Vermont

    Marshfield facility breeding Tennessee Walking Horses and offering lite-shod and plantation show horse training, trail horse training, riding instruction, breeding and sales.

    Vic: Walking on Water with Jesus


    Category: North America

    Brother Vic is walking across the United States carrying a cross. He is walking for the poor, the lost, and the hungry.

    SMTP Service Extension for Secure SMTP over TLS


    Category: SSL-TLS

    Document describing the negotiating and upgrading plain socket connection to secure socket connection.

    SQL Database Connection Strings


    Category: ADO

    Database terms glossary and online reference for various ADO and ADO.NET SQL database connection strings for MS SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL, Oracle.

    Apple Developer Connection: iPhone


    Category: iPhone

    Apple's official web development connection for the iPhone.

    Gaming Target


    Category: Castlevania - Dawn of Sorrow

    Preview, by John Scalzo: "The DS' wireless connection is also set to get a workout with Castlevania DS as Konami has said part of the game will revolve around collecting souls of defeated enemies to gain new attacks. These souls can then be traded over the DS wireless connection with other Castlvania DS players."