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    Journal of Western Martial Arts


    Category: Western

    An online journal providing a collection of papers, articles, submissions and periodicals that pertain to western martial arts. This journal covers historical martial arts including, but not limited to medieval, Renaissance and classical martial arts.

    North Dakota State Water Commission


    Category: Water Resources

    The ND State Water Commission's mission is "Stewardship of North Dakota's water resources." SWC addresses several critical water development issues, including developing Missouri River water, developing adequate water supplies for eastern North Dakota, financing future water development, and balancing the public interest and the public trust.

    Kung Fu / Martial Arts / Swordplay Films


    Category: Martial Arts

    Films that either feature martial arts combat as a central theme or action films that have a notable amount of martial arts combat in them. Includes Chinese swordplay films and Japanese samurai films.

    The Ninjutsu Portal


    Category: Bujinkan

    Ninjutsu Portal at the Martial Arts Database ( is a Source for Bujinkan Ninjutsu and Ninja Information. The Martial Arts Database is yourpersonal guide to the exciting world of martial arts.

    Hidden Dragon Martial Arts


    Category: Texas

    Organization teaching a variety of martial arts styles including Tai Chi, Karate, Chi Kung and meditation. Classes available in numerous states in the USA. Provides history, curriculum, biographies, seminars and general articles of interest to martial artists.

    Martial Art Schools in Nevada


    Category: Nevada

    List of martial arts schools throughout the state of Nevada. General information regarding martial arts and Taekwondo.